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The pillow Relax is a versatile model offering quality and comfort at an affordable price. The holster is made of chase and polyester wool and the 100% latex core is the most elastic material in nature that prevents it from being deformed or shifted, providing maximum support for the head and neck muscles during sleep. This is an orthopedic pillow that follows the curves of your head and adapts to every movement you make at night.

The natural alkaline properties of latex provide an antibacterial and anti-allergic environment to feel rested and fresh every morning. This reduces the likelihood of developing allergies and other health problems.

The Relax Pillow has vertical channels that provide air circulation and ventilation that prevents brewing.

Core – keeps shape after use, there is no need for swelling and shaking, content is not shifted and no noise, vertical ventilation ducts along the entire length of the pillow, double-sided cut


inner case
100 g of polyester wool
70% polyester
30% cotton