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In the first months of their life, babies do not need a pillow to lift the head, but as they grow up, the little ones are uncomfortable to sleep on their backs, and then the need for a pillow appears. Since their body structure is still fragile and they are still growing, the need for a suitable cushion tailored to the child’s needs is particularly important. This is why we created the Baby Pillow, which is recommended for children over 18 months of age. It is made from 100% ecological materials to provide the child with a healthy environment without allergens, bacteria and mites.

The height of 6.5 cm is also extremely accurate and tailored to the needs of the young. One of the most important things about a baby’s sleep is the airy matter that prevents spattering and unnecessary dulling. That’s why the Baby Pillow is equipped with vertical and horizontal air channels that allow the air to circulate through it.

Baby Pillows offer the best combination of softness and a sense of wrapping to make the child feel comfortable. For extra convenience, the pillow features an inner and outer case.

Core – Keeps shape after use. There is no need for swelling and shaking. Content is not shifted and no noise. Vertical ventilation ducts along the full length of the pillow


inner case
70% polyester;
30% cotton